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The Guardian Newspaper - A Guardian Angel Is Amongst Us...

Updated: May 17, 2023

The 11th February 2022 will go down as one of the most remembered dates for our Founder, Allan Cockram. Sam Schmidt, the Mother of one of our Penguin players nominated Allan for a Guardian Angel award with The Guardian Newspaper. Their motto with this initiative is 'We make nice things happen for a nice person' and we think this couldn't have been awarded to a nicer person than our amazing Founder!

The Guardian newspaper made one of Allan's childhood dreams come true by arranging the flight of a lifetime in a Spitfire courtesy of the Fly a Spitfire company based at the world renowned Biggin Hill in Kent, the most famous RAF fighter station in the World. The name 'Biggin Hill' is synonymous with the Battle of Brain, when a small band of fighter pilots stood alone against the might of the Luftwaffe, a fighting force greater in number and already proven in combat.

Allan was treated to a fantastic flight all the way down to stunning coastline of Beachy Head and the weather couldn't have been any better. He also got to experience a series of the famous Spitfire Victory Rolls and Aerobatic Loops and thankfully he even managed to keep his breakfast down! Allan also got the opportunity to take the controls of the plane and fly for around 20mins! Alongside Allan, family, friends and Penguin players were able to fly in a chaser plane which flew wing to wing alongside the incredible Spitfire and it was an incredible sight!

Allan was blown away but the entire experience and found it difficult to describe how it felt to be up soaring in the air in such an iconic flying machine. A little afterwards he was inspired to write a stunning piece of poetry - we hope you enjoy.

The Spitfire

In my own words – by Allan Cockram

Flying in the wake of heroes

Sitting in the seat of saviours

Seeing through the eyes of the enemy

Listening to the noise of battle

Honouring the movement of history

Feeling the power of a machine

Remembering the sacrifices of the young

Spreading the words of ancestors

Hearing the cries of dead souls

Succumbing to the weight of past glories

Learning the horror of war

Paying respects to freedom created

Being humbled by stories of men and women of my land

My life, my past, my future

My legacy built on pain, suffering and victory of others

Of which I feel their ghosts deep in the constriction of my body

But free in the air and over the water of the promised land

that bestows the beating heart of the Spitfire.

To read the full Guardian Article please CLICK on the below button:

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